Thursday, February 5, 2009

Photo's of 2008 - As seen through a Crackberry

All these photo's were taken on my phone in throughout 2008.

Piha NZ - Took this from the surf club - Ripping Fish Burgers

Sweet Rug!

Darren Kirby - Shirt Off - check, White Russian - check, Cigarette - check.

Winky Pop..

Ray Barbee shredding, Huntington Beach, free Pacifico's.

Best waffle maker of 2008?

Vans Waffle Maker - Off Coarse - So Rad.

Container on fire on the side of the road is apparently pretty normal on a LA freeway......

Best pose for 2008!
Hahahahahaha I forgot i had this - Strapy G.

Al is ready for the Pow Pow


Best Hat of 2008!

Best Vehicle of 2008

Welcome to Phillip Island!

The Pow Pow

Say Cheeeeeese.

Keegan showing us why you dont fall asleep at party's.

Sorry Keeg's i played no part in this.... ok, maybe i stuck the cigarette up your nose.

Fucken Hawaiian Shirted BMX Bandits

Sometimes its best no to ask questions...

Sometimes is good to ask questions - Like, do you know you have 2 dildo's on your head?

Finchy as John Blaze

Dudes like wearing white framed sunglasses in Qld, Sullo is demonstrating what they look like.

This is the logo for a massage parlor on the Gold Coast, why does everything have to be weird up there?

The Q1 on the gold coast is a pretty tall building hey...

And the best animal costume for 2008 goes to Yoda pug!

Yeah dog!

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