Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wizard Dayz

Nidi - no caption needed.

Best hat ever....

Fish attempting to tow Yuta in

Ralph/Nidi in Kidney punch off

Fast starter

Keeg's the Wizrad - 1st of the Day

Yuta - Stumbledor

Keeg's & Ralph Wizards United

Heelloooo Ladiez....

Heeellllloooo Gentlemen


Some form of group activity - With a stranger passing by in admiration

First Wizard in - First Wizard down....

Second Wizrad in, Second Wizard down. If you look closely there's a olive in Ralph's hand..

Got there - 16 Beers

Wizards out....


Al/Scotty - Good Dudes

Green Room

Finchy/Mike - Assisted Flippery

Nidi/Cheese - Atempted flippery in the pairs division

Green Room

Fish, seeing beer

Fish, getting beer

How many is that Yuta?

Portraits for the evening 

Al, ace of spades in his low card beanie




Mike (Grow your beard back)